Commercial Fencing


Kingsley Fencing have been building commercial fences now for over five years.

We have therefore built a soild reputation for building high-quality wooden and metal fencing.

We most frequently build feather edge fencing, yet we can build most types of fencing ranging from hardwood fencing, through to metal fencing. We have built many commercial fences to surround car parks, new build properties and to surround offices for example.

Kingsley Fencing is an established business, we have a highly skilled team. We can therefore meet timescales and have the labour force to ensure that we can build large or small fences.

We can also repair fencing, we have therefore replaced or repaired many fences for businesses and facility management companies.

As one of the largest fencing companies within Cardiff and Newport, you will be choosing a business that’s capable of building high-quality fencing at a competitive price.

Why do so many companies choose Kingsley Fencing?

Building a fence often takes place in the last phase of any construction, that’s to say laying the turf and having a new fence built is often carried out right at the end of the construction contract.

This means if your business needs a highly efficient team, a team that has a huge amount of experience of not just building feather edge fencing, but all kinds of fencing then you need us.

What types of fencing do you build?

  • Wooden fencing, such as feather edge and hardwood fencing
  • Metal fencing
  • Agricultural fencing
  • Emergency fence repair

What size fencing contracts can Kingsley Fencing manage?

We have a highly experienced team of fence installers; we can therefore comfortably manage any sized fencing contract. We therefore build fences for builders, large construction companies, yet we can also offer our services in order to build smaller fences.

We can therefore build any sized fence, whether it’s a small fence that can sometimes be built in just one or two days, or a fence that’s needed to enclose a large commercial premises, then we can help.

Kingsley Fencing has a dedicated estimator, we can therefore offer quotes quickly and in person.

To arrange for a quote please call or e-mail us today.