We can offer a wide range of fencing solutions, all offered by an experienced fencing contractor, Kingsley Fencing

Perhaps you would like a more decorative type of fencing such as a Picket Fence erected, or you may want a more sturdy feather edge system to protect your property.

Whatever fencing solution that you require, we can offer you an affordable and professionally installed fencing solution to all our valued customers within Penarth and the whole of South Wales.

Fencing Contractors that can offer the full spectrum of Fencing solutions on offer to Penarth

Professional fencing in Penarth & the Vale of Glamorgan

When you invest in a fencing system, you want to know that it is being installed with care, so that it can last the maximum possible amount of time.

That’s why when you choose Kingsley Fencing you can rest assured that you will be presented with the full range of quality fencing options around.

Kingsley Fencing carefully chooses all its treated timber products, so that they look great in any garden space or commercial space.

To find out a more accurate prices and costs for erecting a fence in Penarth or Cowbridge. Why not give us a ring today?

Garden Services in Penarth

Some garden and landscaping firms offer a wide selection of garden services- we instead only offer to install quality fences and also artificial grass solutions, in the Vale of Glamorgan and Penarth. We regularly install what are described as low maintenance gardens, that can be in the form of a long life fence, quite possibly made from special treated timber, or it could be a garden landscaped using artificial grass. We are the expert contractors in this area, so do give us a call if we can help you.

This is ideal for those customers who wish to create a garden space which is very low maintenance indeed.

Do you specialise in any particular type of fencing solution within Penarth?

We specialise in Feather Edge Fencing, we can offer competitive pricing and the quick erection of such fences in the South Wales areas.

We can work on both large and small properties, and we can also install garden gates and other bespoke features, that the client may require as a property improvement within their garden space.

Can you give me no obligation quotation in Penarth?

We most certainly can.

We can visit your property in Penarth and explain to you the full range of quality fencing options that are available to you.

We can also often provide you on the spot quotations, so that you gain an insight into the various types of fencing on offer, and roughly how much these will cost you.

If you live anywhere within the Vale of Glamorgan, or in areas such as Barry, or Penarth, why not give us a ring, to see what we can offer you?

What types of fencing solutions can your company offer? Do you provide a wide range of fencing options to the Vale of Glamorgan areas?

  • Feather Edge or Close Board Fencing

    Feather edge fencing is growing in popularity, this is simply because of its sturdy construction that can last many years, and its durable wooden design. We can also offer concrete post solutions so your fence can last much longer, than wooden post systems.

    Feather edge fencing offers a treated grade of wooden planking, that’s thicker than compared to some other flimsy fencing panels, that are on the market today. So if you do not want a fence that will only last just a few years, you need something more substantial, you need a Kingsley Fence, expertly erected in Penarth, by the fencing experts within South Wales.

    This means less maintenance for you within your garden area, instead of working on your fencing system each year, we can offer something more substantial. This also means that the security of your property is greatly improved aswel, through a quality fence, that is less likely to fail you during strong winds, and storms for example.

  • Picket Fences

    Picket fences are great for clearly setting out boundary lines with your neighbors garden, at the front with the back of a properties in Penarth, in the Vale.

    We also take on fencing contracts in areas such Cowbridge, where our keen eye for detail means we erect only the best quality of fencing around.

    Also you may have a swimming pool or another area within your garden space, that you may wish to protect through a Picket Fence system, this will help prevent, therefore accidents from occurring by marking off areas within your garden such as ponds and swimming pools, with a presentable, low level fencing system such as having a Picket Fence installed.

    For example you may have a flower-bed or a walkway that you would like to clearly illustrate through the use of picket fence system. You may also see fencing contractors and companies installing picket fences in walk ways to restaurants or pub gardens, this is because you can make a path way or garden space of any property in South Wales transformed with such fencing.

  • Hit and Miss Fencing

    Penarth has some beautiful Victorian properties, with long flowing gardens, why not complement this with sturdy and reliable fencing system, such as a Hit and Miss fencing systems?

    Hit and Miss fencing is what we call the most “quality conscious” form of fencing around. Good design and lasting robustness from this solid, timber type of fencing, means you can sit out in your property in Penarth and enjoy the appearance of a fence giving you more privacy, and security.

    Quality focused because unlike other fences it looks to provide both side’s of the fence with a neat finish and unlike other fences which normally just have one good side intended for view. So with a Hit and Miss timber fence installed by our contractors unlike other fences, it has the same appearance front and back.

    What makes Hit and Miss the most presentable type of fence is that it makes both sides of the fence look enjoyable for both you and your neighbour, because it is the same both sides! So choose a Kingsley fence, if you want quality both your neighbors can enjoy.

    Therefore if you are conscious about what your fence may look like for your neighbours then this is the fencing structure for you!

    With alternate panels put to both sides of the fences rails, with equal gap spacing in between, then this allows a Hit and Miss to have a distinctive appearance, which separates it from other fences out there, and makes a statement of quality and design. Improve your garden with us, choose the fencing contractors who understand how to construct elegant, wooden fences.

    “It is often considered the more quality and design conscious type of fence, and it is one which your neighbours can enjoy also”.

How do I know that the fencing system you are going to offer me in Penarth is of high quality?

We can offer our Penarth clients quality fences, because we only use carefully treated timber products, that are installed by professionals with vast experience in fence building.

That is the timber fencing that we use and erect in South Wales has been treated with a special formula to help prevent the ingress of rot within the wood.

This helps the fence last longer, through protecting the wood, and also sometimes gives it that slight green appearance meaning that it has been pressure treated also.

We also make sure that we carefully install fence posts also, so they are not dug in a way which is shallow and likely to fall over after years of service.

We also take the time to make sure that the alignment of our fencing looks professional and to the clients satisfaction always.

Are you restricted in terms of the sizes of Fencing that you can errect in Penarth?

Unlike some other fencing contractors out there, we do not stick to any particular form of fencing contract, in that we do take on both large and small scale garden fencing contracts.

We also install quality solutions for commercial applications of fencing so if you one a pub, restaurant or a car park space that needs a fence erected, why not give us a ring. We serve Penarth with all forms of fencing and artificial grass.

So whatever size fence you would like erected in Penarth, we will have the solution for you!

We can install fences anything from long flowing feather edge fencing solutions, right through to agricultural fencing to keep horses contained for example.