Hit and Miss fencing is arguably the best looking type of fencing that can help improve and transform the appearance of your garden space.

Hit and Miss fencing is used in gardens across South Wales, from Cardiff, right through to Swansea, where a sense of style needs to be added to any garden area.

Hit and Miss fencing for when you fancy an alternative style of fencing for your home.

What exactly is Hit and Miss fencing?

Hit and Miss fencing describes a panel alignment with planks which are alternatively fixed to the cross-rail to the front and back.

That is the planks are fixed and arranged front and back on the rail so that on both sides of the fence there is an equal sharing of vertical planks.

This means that the fence looks both the same from the back and front making it a desirable option for both you and your neighbours as unlike other fences, there is not one rough side.

Our customers within Cardiff and the surrounding regions have commented that they prefer Hit and Miss fencing, as it allows a fencing option which looks great from both sides and does not disadvantage one neighbours view.

This is why we regularly erect fences in these areas:

  • Cardiff & Newport
  • Cowbridge
  • Swansea

Do you live in a coastal area? Then Hit and Miss fencing may be for you!

Coastal areas are notorious for strong crosswinds, therefore not the ideal environment for large panel fencing which could blow over in strong gales!

Why not therefore consider Hit and Miss fencing?

This fencing option has alternative vertical planking systems, which allows a certain amount of the wind current to flow through the fence panels themselves.

Because at certain angles you can see through the fencing system, this allows the wind to be controlled and to a limited extent allow wind to pass through the fence itself, this helps minimise the chances of it blowing over.

So if you live in a windy area or near a coastal location, then Hit and Miss fencing panels could be a suitable option for you!

Double boarded fencing or Hit and Miss fencing, for those who appreciate a quality fencing system.

Often fences are viewed as something that is needed for practical reasons, such as marking out boundary lines, but fencing can be a lot more than just that.

If you demand more from your fencing system then why not consider Hit and Miss fencing because the design is very much different, and can add a touch of sophistication to your garden.

Using specialist panelling systems which have been pressure treated you can have a Hit and Miss fencing system which looks less imposing than other fencing types.

3 reasons to choose Kingsley Fencing

  • When you choose Kingsley Fencing contractors, you are choosing a fencing system that will last!

    Kingsley Fencing is committed to offering quality workmanship and quality fencing systems to all our customers in Cardiff and neighbouring areas such as Penarth.

    Kingsley Fencing are fencing contractors that use pressure treated timber and other quality materials, to construct their fences, so that they can stand the test of time often outliving conventional cheaper forms of fencing systems out there.

    If you are therefore fed up with your flimsy fencing system, why not consider a range of fencing options on offer.

  • The benefits of feather edge or close board fencing, but with its own individual style!

    The most common form of professional fencing installations which are close board fencing and feather edge fencing share qualities with Hit and Miss, but Hit and Miss has the edge!

    Feather edge or close board fencing is very popular, because it is durable and offers a sturdy solution to erecting a fence.

    Hit and Miss offers the same properties, but offers more style because of the way it is constructed it has a more pleasing appearance.

    Pressure treated timber and the fact that the fence system looks the same from both sides allows more neighbour friendly form of fencing around your property.

    Some high-rise fencing systems can look like some neighbours are over enforcing their boundary lines- yet Hit and Miss offers a more subtle solution.

  • Trust Kingsley Fencing contractors to deliver in any area within South Wales.

    Perhaps you have a Victorian property in the middle of Penarth, or instead you may own an agricultural smallholding of land in Swansea, wherever you are located we have a fencing system to suit your needs.

    Kingsley Fencing are becoming renowned for being versatile fencing contractors in that we can offer fencing solutions both for the commercial sectors, and also for domestic properties.

    So whether you require a Picket Fence to surround a public house, or restaurant, or instead through a Hit and Miss fence, to achieve separation of your garden space, we have the fencing solution that will be right for you.

    We are fencing contractors that operate primarily in Cardiff, but we also carry out routinely installations of fences in both Swansea and Newport.